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Ever since December 2018, we have been providing

free tutoring to Lubbock students K-12

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Our Mission

Every child deserves equal access to a rigorous education regardless of their background, but the unfortunate truth is that there are many who are simply born with fewer opportunities than others. We thus focus on reaching out to students of low socioeconomic status

This does not mean, however, that we discriminate in whom we teach. We aspire to provide each and every child what they need to reach their full potential—whether it is extra help in subjects they are struggling in, acceleration past their current curriculum, or even a mentor to help plan their academic future. 

We try to have one tutor for every one student. All our tutors are extremely qualified and we are all equally passionate about what we stand which allows our program to be completely free of charge.  


Godeke Library (5034 Frankford Ave):

Head Tutors:

  • Hannah Kang

  • Derek Zhou​

    • (806) 470​ 0754

    • ​

TJ Patterson Library (1836 Parkway Dr):

Head Tutor:

We eventually plan on expanding out to every library in Lubbock. Most likely, the next library we will head to is Mahon Library (1306 9th St).

With enough interest, we will also hope to work directly in schools. Right now our best options are Wester Elementary School (4602 Chicago Ave) and Mackenzie Middle School (5402 12th St).

Special Thanks to...
  • Keith Tipton for the incredibly generous donation and support! 


  • Ryan Curry (LISD Board of Trustee Member) for​​ helping us with publishing our website, setting up our bank account, and the very generous donation!

  • Doyle Vogler (LISD Superintendent) for helping us partner with LISD in spreading information about our services to all LISD schools

  • Godeke Library for letting us use your location for our services, and spread information regarding our services

    • Thank you specifically to the librarians, especially Theresa Wilson​, our first supporter and someone who has helped us incredibly through spreading our service through word-of-mouth 

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